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video projection with live data calculations | 2011

video still


reckoning (v0.3, v0.4) [ mouse over for larger images ]

projections with live, dynamic data calculations | dimensions variable | 2008—2009

Calculated numbers are all based on the span of my life, from birth to the present millisecond, and span a vast scale. This is an ongoing work, with changes or additions each time its shown. Currently, the calculated numbers include:

  • number of seconds elapsed since birth, and number of second remaining until my estimated date and time of death
  • total number of neutrinos that have passed through my body
  • total radiation exposure, including terrestrial sources, average human-made exposure and cosmic srouce
  • total heart beats, breaths, blinks, and complete skin replacements
  • number of humans born
  • mumber of humans died
  • number species that have become extinct
  • total number of meteors entering Earth's atmosphere
  • cumulative astronomical distance traveled
  • number of stars formed in the entire observable universe
programming-based projectionprogramming-based projection artist bookprogramming-based screen artist bookprogramming-based projections: installation view artist bookinstallation

endosymbiont [ mouse over for larger images | flash videoview video ]

programming-based digital projection and screens | 2009

A multi-location installation created in collaboration with the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, based on the genome of Mycoplasma Genitalium, a bacteria associated with sexually transmitted infection. This organism is currently believed to be the genetically simplest independent organism and is vital to research into creating and manipulting life.

A program slowly and randomly mutates the genome at rates based on current research. Changes in the genome are highlighted in the display. As the genome mutates, the colour slowly alters. Counters track the genome replications, changes and other global and astronomical phenomena since the program began.

artist bookinstallation artist bookinstallation artist bookinstallation artist bookinstallation

constellation, no. 6 [ mouse over for larger images ]

installation (plastic, LEDs, wire, vinyl lettering) | approx. 6 meters x 2 meters | 2009

LEDs programmed to flash binary translation of single words which are binary pairs (hope-fear, live-die, finite-infinite). Text on wall in vinyl lettering.

artist bookprojection/installation artist bookartist book

interrobang [ mouse over for larger images ]

artist's book (perspex, tracing paper, steel hardware) | 29.7 cm x 42 cm | 2008

28 pages. Hand-made, edition of 20.

new media artnew media new media projectionnew media projection

particle theory [ mouse over for larger images ]

dynamically generated projection | dimensions variable | 2008

Lines are dynamically drawn based on random movement, and programmed to interact with the projection surface by momentarily changing when a line crosses a groove (or other variation) in the surface.

wall installationwall installation wall installationwall installation

on error resume next [ mouse over for larger images ]

wall installation with perpsex, wire, marker and video screen | dimensions variable | 2008

Video screen shows scrolling text of "iloveyou" virus.

constellation, no. 5

wall installation with wire, plastic, LEDs | dimensions variable | 2007

wall installation

installationinstallation installationinstallation installationinstallation installationinstallation

isochronal [ mouse over for larger images ]

installation (Perspex and steel hardware) | approx. 6 meters x 3 meters | 2007

Installed for commission at Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

installationinstallation installationinstallation

day 13636 [ mouse over for larger images ]

installation (printed tracing paper, wire, LEDs) | dimensions variable | 2007


Perspex, steel hardware, LED | 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm | 2007

sculpture with light

wall artwall art wall artwall art

constant [ mouse over for larger images ]

Perspex, steel hardware, solder | 68 cm x 148 cm | 2008

constellation, no. 3

Perspex, steel hardware | 210 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm | 2007


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