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"Hewitt's 'Reckoning v0.4' is a rather magnificent ascent up and down the world of numbers, celebrating their ability to give dimension, weight, scale and quantity to human life. The various criteria around which he number-builds are breath-taking in their range. But, crucially, he captures them aesthetically, beautifully."

—Dr. Andrew Patrizio, Edinburgh College of Art

"Fugue Space" exhibition

I'm showing two works at a group exhibition at the Charnel House, in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood.

"Love Apple" juried exhibition

As a long-time, dedicated Mac user, I'm thrilled to participate in this exhibition celebrating Apple computer's history of innovation at 33 Contemporary Gallery at the Zhou B. Art Center in Chicago.

"Satellite" juried exhibition in Chicago

I've been selected to participate in "Satellite", a new media exhibition that's part of the of the Milwaukee Ave. Arts Festival from July 29-31. Excerpted from exhibition description:

"In one way or another, we are all connected by social networks, wireless networks, email, the internet, or instant messaging; and a culture that is continually introduced to new technologies produces artists that swim in those waters as well. How does living in a technologically-driven society influence what artists create?

As art can now exist in a number of virtual or physical spaces simultaneously, does the concept of designated gallery space become less important? Artists themselves can work under a virtual online persona or invent systems that will virtually “create” artwork for the artist, based on randomly chosen presets. Satellite will focus on artists that respond to living and creating new works of art with these notions in the forefront of their minds."

More information available at An interview with curators Jenn Grossman and Ryan Scheidt is available on the Chicago Arts Archive

Top honors at "ArtFutura"

I'm proud to announce that my work was honored with the first place award by juror James Rondeau of the Art Institute of Chicago at the June 2 opening of ArtFutura.

"ArtFutura" juried group exhibition in Chicago

Selected by James Rondeau, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at The Art Institute of Chicago, the works will be shown at the Lurie Research Center at the Northwestern University Medical Center. My works selected are "Endosymbiont", originally commissioned for the Talbot Rice gallery in Edinburgh, and a recently completed work entitled "Interval" (never before shown).

"Are We Human" group exhibition at inspace gallery in Edinburgh

The opening season of events at Inspace in Edinburgh has paid homage to the work of Charles Darwin, starting at the beginning, with the evolution of complex behavior in lifeforms and ending by examining how, 3.4 billion years later we are here, in an informatic age. The catalyst has been the bicentenary celebrations of Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of ‘On the Origin of Species’. read more

"Entangled Bank" receives positive review in the Joural newspaper, makes "Hitlist" in the List magazine, and mention on BBC web site

Positive review in The Scotsman newspaper

On October 27, The Scotsman published an article about the two Darwin-related exhibitions running concurrently at the Talbot-Rice Gallery, entitled Charles Darwin: Voyage of Discovery

"An Entangled Bank" group exhibition at Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh

Taking its title from the conclusion of On the Origin of Species where the great scientist considers complexity and interdependence in the natural world, ‘An entangled Bank’ presents the work of five contemporary artists interpreting the legacy and continuing relevance of Darwinian ideas in art and imagination.

Guardian pick of the week

"Life Time" was selected as one of the five exhibition "picks of the week" for 11 April 2009 in the Guardian newspaper and web site:

Solo exhibition reviewed in The List

"Life Time" got a positive review in The List magazine:

Additional information available on Darwin exhibition

The "An Entangled Bank" exhibition will include five artists: Ilana Halperin, Kenny Hunter, Ben Rivers,Christine Borland and myself. For more information, please see:

Feature story in The Scotsman newspaper

On 7 March, The Scotsman published an excellent article about me and the "Life Time" exhibition entitled, Brian Hewitt interview: Matters of scale

Live radio appearances

I will be appearing live on two radio programmes in support of my upcoming solo exhibition, "Life Time", at the Corn Exchange Gallery in Edinburgh. Times are as follows:

Group exhibition in Berlin

"Nomad Gomad" will bring together a small group of international group of artists in an exhibition/event, to explore the notion of cultural networks and the modern nomadic life of visual, musical and performing artists. More information on location and participating artists to come.

public event: Friday, 24 April 2009
seen by appointment through Sunday 26 April 2009.

Solo exhibition dates announced

I'm pleased to announce my first solo exhibition: "Life Time" at the Corn Exchange Gallery, Edinburgh.

private view: Thursday, 5 March 2009, 6:30–8:00 pm
exhibition runs 6 March - 16 April, 2009

Selected for upcoming Darwin anniversary group exhibition

I've been selected to participate in a group exhibition entitled, "An Entangled Bank" celebrating the anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species at the Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh in 2009. Darwin studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh, and in fact studied the animal collections in the space which now forms part of the Talbot Rice gallery itself. The exhibition will run from October to December of 2009.

Recognition for Degree Show

I'm pleased to say that my degree show work has been recognized both by the college and by the Scottish media. I've been awarded a Marion Cameron MacKenzie bequest by the board of governors of Edinburgh College of Art, and received prominent positive mentions in the following articles:

2008 MFA Degree Show at Edinburgh College of Art

Opening 13 June 2008
Works on display 14 – 24 June 2008

"Transient" group exhibition

Works on display 5 – 14 March 2008
Edinburgh, College of Art, Lauriston Place

"Diomira" group exhibition

Opening 29 February 2008
Works on display 29 February – 9 March

Royal Scottish Academy Student Exhibition 2008

Opening 16 February 2008
Works on display 16-27 February 2008

Two Mentions in Edinburgh press

I'm pleased to say that my work at "Open" in the Corn Exchange has garnered two positive mentions in the local press:

"Open" group exhibition in Edinburgh, Scotland

Opening 15 November 2007, 6:00–8:30 pm
Exhibition runs from 16 November to 20 December 2007

"Rhythm & Blue" juried exhibition in Rockville, Maryland, USA

Opening 14 November 2007, 5:00 – 7:00 pm
Works on display 14 November – 12 January

Work commissioned for Edinburgh International Conference Centre

In a competitive proposal process, I'm pleased to announce that the site-specific work I proposed was selected for a commissioned work. The work is site-specific and will be on display through March of 2009.

Gateway's Heliport Gallery, Silver Spring

Opening reception: 20 April 2007, 6-8 pm
Works on display 21 April – 22 June 2007

"On the Rocks" group exhibition

Opening 1 March 2007
Works on display 1–11 March 2007

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