artist's statement 

"It is more important to have beauty in one's equations than to have them fit experiment."

–Paul Dirac

Reality is tricky thing—we each assemble our own version from millions of points of knowledge, memory, conjecture, emotion and myth we have access to. The components that make up every moment are incredibly complex, from the physical systems of our minds and bodies to the abstractions of physics, chemistry and mathematics. There is beauty in these unseen systems, forces and concepts, and in the interconnections that tie them together.

'Aesthetic' considerations permeate the sciences and mathematics at a fundamental level: efforts to find consensus in advancing theory often favour elegance, simplicity, symmetry, and a holistic view. Advances in chemistry, biology, physics and astronomy have far-reaching philosophical and ethical implications and serve as a source of constant wonder for me. It's these connections, and that beauty and sense of wonder that I attempt to express in my work.

These are not simple concepts, so I tend to approach them in a variety of ways, including both static objects and dynamic media. While individual works are meant to be emotionally and intellectually stimulating on their own, the works are meant to support each other in effort to understand the whole.

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